Airsoft Surgeon SlimCat (Summer Special Limited Edition) - Two Tone
Based on the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa, this Airsoft Surgeon piece is an entry level competition IPSC gun...
Airsoft Surgeon Triple Tap Race Gun (Daniel Wu's Version)
The 2010 Movie Triple Tap (ζžͺηŽ‹δΉ‹ηŽ‹ / Cheung Wong Chi Wong) movie was a bit hit in Asia and was directed..
Cybergun FNX-45 Tactical GBB (Tan)
How long have you been waiting to get your hands on the newest Cybergun GBB? A little too long, I as..
Cybergun M&P9 Full Size Pistol
The real M&P is initially intended for law enforcement agencies only, though long available in t..
KJ Works Elite IA Silver Barrel Version (Full Metal Version)
An alternative style to the M9, the IA version comes with a uniquely shaped slide. Based on the orig..
KJ Works Full Metal M9 - Black (Full Metal Version with Markings)
Out of the box with a full metal body, this 92F Beretta from Kuan Ju is a bargain. Internal mechanis..
KJ Works KP-05 HI-CAPA Black (Full Metal, Gas and CO2)
This KP-05 HI-CAPA Pistol is constructed in full metal, which makes it heavy in weight like holding ..
KJ Works P229 (Full Metal, Railed Frame, w/Markings)
The SIG P229 is a compact version of the proven P226, and is as much respected and widely used as it..
$194.99 $129.99
KJ Works P8
Beautiful GBB that is made by few other manufacturers. Sports crisp blowback and power with good gas..
KSC M93R II (System 7) (Full Metal)
Made by the Italian Beretta company, the M93R is a machine pistol with selective fire. The "R" stand..
KSC VZ61 HW GBB (SYSTEM 7) With Extra Long Magazine
There are only so many replicas that are often used in pairs. Akimbo, as they call it, is the art of..
KWA Tokarev TT-33
As a descendant to the TT-30, TT-33 was created to be one of the emblems of the Eastern Front, and i..
KWC .50 Desert Eagle Style CO2 Blowback Version
A big, heavy pistol; most comfortable in large hands, this weapon is not for the faint of wrist. It ..
KWC 1911 BlowBack CO2 Version (Full Metal)
A prime example of really great bang for your buck. The 1911 platform is popular and common that its..
KWC SW40 Model CO2 Blowback Version
A replica of the Smith & Wesson Sigma, the KWC SW40F is a functioning slide gas blowback pistol ..