KJ Works
KJ Works Elite IA Silver Barrel Version (Full Metal Version)
An alternative style to the M9, the IA version comes with a uniquely shaped slide. Based on the orig..
KJ Works Full Metal M9 - Black (Full Metal Version with Markings)
Out of the box with a full metal body, this 92F Beretta from Kuan Ju is a bargain. Internal mechanis..
KJ Works KP-05 HI-CAPA Black (Full Metal, Gas and CO2)
This KP-05 HI-CAPA Pistol is constructed in full metal, which makes it heavy in weight like holding ..
KJ Works P229 (Full Metal, Railed Frame, w/Markings)
The SIG P229 is a compact version of the proven P226, and is as much respected and widely used as it..
$194.99 $129.99
KJ Works P8
Beautiful GBB that is made by few other manufacturers. Sports crisp blowback and power with good gas..